Monday, June 30, 2008

Mormon Churches used to aid illegal Mexicans?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is allowing its churches in San Marcos, Calif., to be used for immigration services, including the issuance of matricula cards for immigrants from Mexico who need the ID to function in the United States. Mormon Church spokesman Scott Trotter says the Mexican Consulate asked the church if it could provide temporary location for a "Mobile Consulate" for Mexican citizen services that are legally provided at the consulate in San Diego. "The church sought the input of the U.S. State Department Office in Los Angeles, which confirmed that the request involved legal services provided by the Mexican Consulate. The church then provided the location simply as an act of neighborliness, just as it has for evacuation centers during major fires and in housing the National Guard, or providing temporary relief for flood victims in New Orleans and Iowa," Trotter said.
Is the Mexican Consulate going to ask the Mormon Church to use its facilities in the future? Will this spread to other states? Is this an isolated incidence of the Mormon Church helping Mexicans stay in the country, or is this the begining of a broader standing?

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