Monday, August 11, 2008

Rate-A-Lawyer is a new website where clients have the opportunity to rate the performance of their attorney in several different areas. Additionally, questions concerning different legal topics can be posted and an attorney can give general feed back. Pictures, profiles, and areas of practice expertise are provided for the available attorneys. isn't currently in every state but states with high populations already have a multitude of attorneys to view.

The Mission and Principles of Avvo,
Their mission is to help people navigate the complex and confusing legal industry. Choosing a lawyer is an incredibly important decision—yet most people have no idea how to go about doing it, and resources to guide them are scarce.

Avvo is guided by two basic principles:

1. Focus on the needs of regular people.
Many of the resources available today were developed for people who are already legal industry “insiders”—but Avvo was created specifically to help people who know very little about the law and may have no experience choosing a lawyer.

2. Provide information, as well as guidance.
We believe that providing open access to information about lawyers, coupled with guidance on how to use that information, is the best way to help people choose the right lawyer. Information is empowering: the more people learn about attorneys and how to select an attorney, the more comfortable and confident they’ll feel seeking legal help—and we think this will benefit both clients and lawyers.

I think this website is a great thing because it will allow clients to find attorneys who have the expertise that they are looking for. Once upon a time when all a client had to go off of was the picture of an attorney in a phone book they really didn't know what they were getting.

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  1. Thanks for posting about our service. We are excited to offer consumers better access to legal information and guidance than they have ever had before.