Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will Phoenix School of Law, Become Another Stronghold for Mormon Law Students?

Phoenix School of Law first opened its doors in January of 2005. On June 11, 2007, Phoenix School of Law recevied provisional ABA accredidation. Provisional ABA accredidation allows Phoenix School of Law graduates to sit for the bar exam in any state. The law school in located in a high rise building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The proximity of the law school to most of the cities large law firms will be very convenient for students while completing internships, externships, volunteering, or working while still in school. Phoenix School of Law is owned by infinilaw which also owns Florida Coastal School of Law (located in Jacksonville, Florida) and Charlotte School of Law (located in Charlotte, North Carolina).

In the fall of 2007 Phoenix School of Law received 559 applications and addmitted 229 students. 70 students actually matriculated with a median GPA of 3.18 and a median LSAT of 153. Those median numbers are already better than some law schools who have been around for decades. Because they offer part time degrees and evening classes "non-traditional" students can keep working while attaining a juris doctorate.

I think that the Phoenix School of Law is going to go on to become a very successful law school. I also think that it will become another law school where Mormons will make up a large percentage of the student population.

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  1. "Those median numbers are already better than some law schools who have been around for decades."

    Yeah, mostly because the ABA went insane in the 80s and accredited a ton of schools that do nothing but delude kids into paying a ton of debt money into their coffers with the false prospect of the types of jobs that the kids at the tier one schools get ... when they are at a tier one school AND have good grades. What a scam.

    Beating Cooley Law School is NOT an accomplishment.

    Mormons, if your kid gets into anything less than a top 50 program, don't let him/her go.