Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Which is the better law School, Benjamin Cardozo or J. Reuben Clark?

Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School Quick Facts:
US News and World Report Ranking- 55
Established 1976
Location: New York City, New York
Median LSAT/GPA- 162/3.53
Tuition- $39,470
Highs- Located in largest legal metropolitan in the US.
Lows- High cost of living, high tuition.

J. Reuben Clark Law School Quick Facts:
US News and World Report Ranking- 46
Established 1973
Location: Provo, Utah
Median LSAT/GPA- 165/3.70
Tuition- $8,700
Highs- Low tuition, low cost of living.
Lows- Distance to nearest major legal metro.

US News and World Report Ranking- Advantage BYU
Year Established- Advantage BYU
Median LSAT/GPA- Advantage BYU
Tuition- Advantage BYU
Geographic Location- Advantage Cardozo
Overall Advantage- BYU

Is it time that Mormons replace Jews as the stereotypical lawyer? There is a strong stereo type of Jewish lawyers that is carried out on TV, Movies, and popular media in general. How deserving is this reputation? The number of Mormon law students in school far outweighs the number of Jews in law school. How long will it be before the media begins to associate Mormons as the religion of lawyers?

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  1. Georgetown University Law Center
    US News Ranking - 14
    Established- 1870
    Location- Washington, DC
    Tuition: $40,000
    Highs: Legal market, excellent placement, religion not quite as batshit as Mormonism
    Lows- High Tuition

    Advantage Georgetown. Is it time that Catholics replaced Mormons as the stereotypical lawyer? It might be hard since Mormons outnumber Jews in law school (not)