Friday, November 14, 2008

Possible Anthrax Sent to Two Mormon Temples

            Envelopes containing a suspicious white powder were mailed to two LDS temples and a Catholic fraternity, prompting a hazardous materials response and a federal investigation into who is behind it. The white powder scares were reported Thursday at Salt Lake City's Temple Square, the LDS Church's temple in Los Angeles and at a printing plant belonging to the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Conn.

          "Our mailroom employees discovered an envelope that had been mailed to us from California shortly before noon," Pat Korten, vice president of communications for the Knights of Columbus, told the Deseret News late Thursday. "When they opened it some white powder escaped."

          The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Knights of Columbus are both major backers of the controversial Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. However, the FBI cautioned late Thursday there is no evidence to link the threats to Prop. 8 opponents.

          "We've got to follow the evidence and at this point we have not received anything that would lead us to believe the opponents of Prop. 8 are behind any kind of terroristic activity," FBI Special Agent Juan Becerra said from the agency's Salt Lake City office. "It would be irresponsible to say that at this point."
LDS Church security officials called Salt Lake police and firefighters about 4 p.m. Thursday when an employee in the recorder's office inside the Salt Lake Temple annex opened a manila envelope.

          "When the employee opened it up and looked inside it, there was actually another white envelope inside that had a white powdery substance in it," Salt Lake Fire spokesman Scott Freitag said.
The employee who opened it immediately set the envelope down and called church security officials, who came over wearing a respirator and plastic gloves. They sealed the envelope inside a plastic bag, Freitag said. Three employees in the room at the time were quarantined. Security denied access to the room and shut off the air vents. "They are not complaining of any injury or illness," Freitag said, adding that they did not have to undergo a decontamination process.

          Hazardous materials teams sanitized the substance to ensure it was not a biological agent like anthrax.
On the Main Street plaza, missionaries and other church employees were allowed to come and go. A lone LDS security official stood behind the temple gates. He opened the gate for firefighters, then closed and locked it behind them. A pair of FBI agents left Temple Square with the envelope in a black plastic bag. The envelope was taken to a lab to be tested. "We are working to find out what it is and hopefully it's harmless," Becerra told the Deseret News.

         Firefighters said they did not see anything of a threatening nature with the envelope. Because the annex is a separate building, the temple itself was not evacuated. However, church security did not allow anyone to come or go while hazmat teams were there. A portion of North Temple was also closed to traffic. "At first, we thought it was maybe picketing again," said Poulsen Udall, who was inside the temple at the time. He was referring to mass protests outside Temple Square last week against the LDS Church's backing of Prop. 8. Similar demonstrations were held outside LDS temples in California and New York. "It's a sad thing that all of this is going on," said Udall's wife, Pauline.

           At the LDS Church's temple in Westwood, Calif., the grounds were closed Thursday afternoon after an employee there opened an envelope similar to the one at church headquarters in Salt Lake City. "They received an envelope with a suspicious white powdery substance," Los Angeles police officer Karen Smith told the Deseret News. "It's been cleared and there was no hazardous material." In New Haven, Conn., workers at a printing plant for the Knights of Columbus opened the envelope containing white powder. Hazardous materials teams responded, Korten said, and took it to a lab to be tested. "We do not yet know what was in that envelope," he said. The Knights of Columbus did not know if it had been targeted over Prop. 8. "We've got a great deal of pretty vulgar communication from people who are not happy with our role to help pass Prop. 8," Korten said. "Whether this has any connection or not, we don't know." The LDS Church declined to speculate on whether Prop. 8 had a role in the hazardous materials scares. "We're working with local law enforcement and the FBI," church spokesman Scott Trotter said.


  1. Anonymous, to have a union between two people being declared as a marriage is not a right. if you claim to be a member of the lds church and think that it is their right to have their unions declared as marriage then you might need to study the Proclamation on the Family again. pay close attention to where it talks about what our Heavenly Father recognizes a marriage to be. Gays have all the rights as anyone else does. That is not the question here or what is being challenged. no member of the lds church who is in compliance, or to say it a better way is in harmony with true religion and doctrine of the lds church would and should never discriminate against them or deny them the rights as declared in the Declaration of Indepenance. There are certain unalienable, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. But, when they seek to further their mission to gain acceptance of society by making their unions defined legally as marriage, this is against the institution God established and anyone opposed to that is opposed to God's will and purposes. you have to draw the line in the sand at some point. So, let me ask you a question. What do you think about the assemblies, hatespeech, protests these people have engaged in as a result of prop 8 passing? Are they behaving in a manner consistent with LDS principles and teachings? No. Isn't it fascinating that these people who demand tolerance, particularly the militant homosexual groups that mobilize politically like this, they're the ones demanding all kinds of tolerance for their lifestyles and their desires and who they are. They have none. You notice how so many liberal concepts are one way streets. Tolerance is a one-way street. They don't have to tolerate anything. They don't have to tolerate tradition. They don't have to tolerate defeat. They don't have to tolerate a majority opposing them. They don't have to tolerate. They can protest and they can intimidate and they can get judges to overturn the will of the people if they want. They can go out and destroy, or try to destroy the churches that are populated by people that disagree with the militant gay rights agenda. So they don't have to be tolerant.

    We have to be tolerant. We have to be tolerant and understand their grievance as a minority, and when we enter the Democratic arena -- say Prop 8 in California -- and vote down the whole concept of gay marriage, well, they mobilize and start protesting and intimidating and so forth, and they're not going to go away 'til they get this done.

    I call your attention to Prop 187 in California, same thing. People of California finally got fed up with paying for health care and welfare and social services for the children of illegals. So they passed Prop 187 in a huge majority, and of course the opponents of 187 took the whole thing to court, and a federal judge found that the whole proposition was unconstitutional, which is what they're going to try to do here with Proposition 8. So, the playing field for us is never level and we do not engage in these kinds of tactics to intimidate, protest, and this sort of thing.

    One last comment. The Prophet and First Presidency are clear on the Gay Marriage issue. IF you are not going to follow them, the ordained oracles of God on Earth today who speak for Him to the entire world, they you are against them. you are in effect stoning the prophets, casting them out. These events and circumstances are no different than what is already recorded in Scripture which i encourage you to read again.....and again. And i don't have to be anonymous. my name is Lance King. I'm a seminary teacher and 100% against Gay's being able to make their unions a legal Marriage and defined as a marriage.

    1. Where exactly was the revelation canonized that states families must be a man, a woman, and 2.3 kids (or in UT 7.3 kids)? This is typical fluffy Mormon "doctrine" that has enough plausible deniability for future members to be able to say "we never taught that".

      Marriage is a human social construct. It changes all the time. Women once were nothing more than property. Men could once take many wives. Now women are equal partners (in the secular world) thanks to legislation such as the Equal Rights Amendment, which Mormons also opposed.

      You're a seminary teacher Lance King? You are then required to lie to your students in order to retain your position. Try teaching them about the bizarre marriages in the early church - Joseph Smith marrying 14yo girls under coercion and other men's wives after he sent those men away on missions. That's called polyandry. Mention polyandry in seminary class and see how the LDS church crushes any mention of it's own deviations from "traditional" marriage.

      If you believe the prophets speak for God, let's see them put their narrow definition of what a family is supposed to be in black and white as scripture so they can't back away from it.

  2. Keep on sending the white powder America ! ! !

    Let all these crooked conservative bigots and criminals of J.R.Simplot,the Mormon Church and Boise,Idaho know just exactly how you feel about them and their instigating the Bill Clinton Sex Scandal and the REAL anthrax attacks ! ! !

    When blaming foreign islamic terrorists don't work,make the innocent victim Bruce Ivins the patsy and fall guy to blame,eh?

    And while you're at it,mail some white powder to Simplot's female cronies,Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky ! ! ! I'm quite sure they will gladly appreciate it.

    The Mormons always stick-up for each other like glue...... no matter what.It's NOT about right versus wrong when it comes to ethical conduct,but Mormons versus non-Mormons.In other words,if Hitler and Stalin had been Mormons,all the rest of the church would still stick-up for them.So that when Simplot and his Boise,Idaho cronies busted Bill Clinton for his flirtacious affair,both Senator Larry Craig of Idaho and Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah stood behind these Boise,Idaho scoundrels of Simplot.

    Which is why it was so hillarious I laughed my ass off...... when one of Simplot's co-conspirators against Bill Clinton got busted by the police...... for making homosexual solicitations to other men in a restroom.And I always thought that these conservative bigots have some kind of moral monopoly over liberals.So Proposition 8 that one,how about it,eh?