Monday, November 10, 2008

Trial begins for suspect in 2006 Mormon shootings

Nearly three years ago, two Mormon missionaries were shot while walking the streets of Deep Creek to proselytize door to door.
One was killed that Monday night on Jan. 2, 2006.
After many delays, the suspect's trial will begin today. James Boughton Jr., a 21-year-old Camelot man, is accused of shooting the two missionaries and attempt ing to shoot a third person.
He is charged with first-degree murder, malicious wounding, attempted malicious wounding and three counts of use of a firearm. The trial is expected to last about nine days.
Commonwealth's Attorney Nancy Parr and Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney D.J. Hansen are expected to prosecute the case.
Morgan W. Young of Bountiful, Utah, and Joshua Heidbrink of Greeley, Colo., were walking on Elkhart Street when they were shot.
Young, 21, was killed. Heidbrink, 19 at the time, was shot but recovered from a shoulder wound.
According to testimony during a preliminary hearing, the two missionaries may have unwittingly walked into and witnessed an unfolding conflict in the neighborhood between other men.
A shot was fired in the conflict, and a man holding a gun fled down the street toward the missionaries. Heidbrink and Young, with their hands raised, tried to assure the hooded gunman. "We didn't see anything, " Heidbrink has testified.
The gunman shot them both, then fled.
Young was nearing the end of his two-year mission for the Mormon church. Heidbrink was just getting started.
Boughton had graduated the year before from Deep Creek High. He has been held without bail in the Chesapeake Correctional Center since his arrest, days after the shooting.
Boughton, represented by Andrew Sacks, was 19 at the time and will turn 22 this month.
The trial has been continued several times. A judge denied an earlier attempt to have the case moved out of Chesapeake because of the pretrial publicity.

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