Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First ABA Accredited LLM, Completely Online

Thomas Jefferson School of Law remains the first and only law school to offer graduate law degrees and certifications entirely online at an ABA accredited law school.

The student body adds an interdisciplinary element to the educational experience. Although individuals with law degrees make up roughly half of the student body, the other half is drawn from the fields of accounting, finance, economics and other business disciplines. The result is an educational environment that permits the students to learn as much from each other as they do from the instructors and the courses they teach. Eventually, each student will belong to a growing international network of alumni who work in the most influential law firms, financial institutions and government agencies throughout the world.

Initially created to culminate in an LL.M. in international tax, the online program has grown to meet a wide range of career objectives and needs represented by the individuals who seek the flexibility that only this online program can offer. Additionally, students who do not seek a traditional law degree can pursue a course of study that culminates in a certificate in one of six areas of specialization. Both degree candidates and non-degree students may seek "Certificates of Expertise" to make themselves more marketable in the job field. The Thomas Jefferson School of Law 's online LL.M. in international tax is $1000 per credit hour.

Because so much of LLM programs are lecture based a student could view these lectures from their laptop in a different part of the country. Online LLM's make a lot of sense and I can see more law school's offering them in the future but then again when a school is based in San Diego who wouldn't want to go to school there in person? It's not like it's in Ohio.


  1. I resent the O-H-I-O joke. The Buckeye state has gracefully embraced you and you slap her away...shame shame!

  2. No being from Ohio, I agree with him. Ohio is great during Summer..which lasts from June to July. Winter lasts from August to May. Go Browns!