Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama Suspends Guantanamo Bay Trials

In one of Obama's first moves as President he suspended all military trial of Gitmo detainees. The request to suspend all war crimes trials was accepted by military judges. The judges agreed to a 120-day halt in the cases of five men charged in the Sept. 11 attacks and a Canadian accused of killing an American soldier in Afghanistan. Similar orders are expected in other pending cases before the Guantanamo military commission. I'm personally glad to see something done with the Guantanamo detainees. The Bush administration's policy of detaining people and never proving their guilt is not a long term viable solution to the problem. Going into other countries in the middle of the night, taking them from their homes and then (after some possible torturing in Eastern Europe) being sent to Guantanamo to rot. How would we feel if Australians did the same to Americans?

The answer to this problem is complex and their are a lot of complications involved in prosecuting terrorists, like publicing national security issues. However terrorists are not going to go away. 50 years from now are we going to still take people and never prove their guilty? Should those that are in Guantanomo sit there for 50 years without ever having the chance to prove themselves innocent? Before you think that I'm soft on these alleged terrorists I'm not. If they are found to have blood on their hands I think they should be immediately executed but that's after they've been proven guilty.

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  1. I, too, am glad to see the Guantanamo detention center closed. The real question is what alternative the Obama administration will choose in dealing with the remaining two-hundred-odd detainees there. Federal courts don't have jurisdiction over many (if not most) of the detainees. Courts marshall might work, but it still leaves plenty of sticky questions. Which detainees will be subject to which procedures? The sheer problems of proof are incredible.

    The administration has a year to figure it all out. They probably will have more political capital and international support, but it will still be a daunting task.