Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top Ten LDS Related News Events of 2008

Today the Mormon Times published its list of "Top Ten LDS-Related News Events of 2008". Their top ten stories were:

1. Passing of LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley.
2. The LDS Church's involvement in passing California's Proposition 8--banning gay marriage.
3. Mitt Romney's Presidential Run.
4. Passing of the LDS Church's oldest (then) living apostle Joseph B. Wirthlin.
5. The Texas Child Protective services raid on the FLDS compound and the confusion between the differences between the LDS Church and the FLDS Church.
6. Dedications, re-dedication, and announcement of more LDS temples.
7. Two LDS members among the 5 finalists for Fox's "American Idol".
8. The publication of the first of thirty volumes of the Joseph Smith Papers.
9. Elder D. Todd Christofferson being named as the newest LDS apostle.
10. The 30th Anniversary of the announcement that "all worthy males" could hold the Priesthood.

I agree with most of their top ten list but let's be honest everyone knows that William Hung was the best American Idol that the show has ever seen.

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