Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whittier Law School Figures Out the Secret to Passing the CA. Bar

It's easy to pick out some of the Whittier Law School graduates taking the California bar exam.
They're the ones wearing t-shirts that say "Do it once. Do it right. Never do it again," reports the ABA Journal. The t-shirts, which are being worn even by some faculty members, are part of a school-wide drive that has helped raise the bar passage rate among new Whittier grads to 84.3 percent.
"The school even hands out pencils that say 'Don't panic' to students getting ready for the fearsome three-day test to become licensed to practice law in California". I think they should get pencils that say "don't worry about choking, this test only represents three years of your life, $100K in debt, and 3 years of lost income. It won't be that bad when you tell your wife, boss, family, friends, and fellow class mates that you didn't pass the bar". After all they do offer the bar twice a year.
The California bar exam is, of course, considered one of the toughest bar exams in the country.
"I used to hear students say, "The first time is just for practice,' " Whittier Dean Neil Cogan. "That kind of attitude was very discouraging."

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