Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where to Find Free Law School Outlines

Before I entered law school I'd never heard of an "outline" but since the moment I stepped into law school on the first day I heard everyone talking about outlines--study guide to the class. Different law school groups have "secret" outlines that they pass down from year to year. I've been given some very good outlines from some recent grads and other students which have definitely helped out. In my quest to find smarter (and faster) ways of studying I found the law school outline jackpot at They have almost 29,000 outlines from every law school in the country. The outlines are keyed to each law school, professor, class, and text making them very helpful. The outlines are completely free; the only thing that they ask from you is that you give them one outline for each outline that you download. I've added a few outlines to the website and in some ways its nice to know that all the hard work I put into some of those outlines with benefit someone else.

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  1. I saw a poster for that site in our school's locker last week actually. I also had a highlighter for put in my mailbox, and that site is actually amazing!