Friday, March 13, 2009

The Church on YouTube

While not legal news, strictly speaking, it's worth noting that the Church has started in recent months at least three YouTube channels, all of which are geared towards a general audience:

Mormon Messages and LDS Public Affairs, which consists of news and comments of a general nature; and, Mormon New Era Messages, which, like the magazine of the same name, emphasizes moral and spiritual teachings to a younger demographic.

These sites, coupled with (emphasis on issue-oriented news and comment), (basic doctrinal information geared to non-members), and the original site at, can all be used to help answer questions about the Church, and in some cases, to address criticisms directed at the Church or its members regarding positions taken on contemporary or moral issues. --SJR

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  1. I think it's interesting (and generally positive) that the LDS Church is venturing into these forms of media. The Church is, by nature, a conservative entity, with lots of structures and organizations. But it seems to adopt new forms of communication quite readily. Not that there isn't ever some conflict -- some of the Church's lawsuits have involved the unauthorized copying and distributing of copyrightable materials online. But this is a good example of a potentially effective use of streaming media.