Thursday, April 16, 2009

Word of Wisdom Approved Tea Party

I have to give a shout out to two of my University of Dayton School of Law, classmates for putting together the Dayton, Ohio "Tea Party". Rob Scott and Perry Reynolds organized the rally where thousands of locals gathered in downtown Dayton, to express their disgust with wasteful government spending. Hundreds of similar rally's were held all over the country.

Are these protests a sign of things to come? Has the average American finally said enough is enough? CNN said that these protests represented a "small minority" of "angry Americans". However, I disagree with CNN (that's not a first) I think that the average American knowns the country is headed down an unsustainable path and something must be done.


  1. While I agree that America's path may be unsustainable unless something changes, the "Tea Party" protests utterly failed to provide any rational proposals. The Tea Parties ostensibly protested taxes, apparently in spite of the fact that 95% of Americans have already received tax breaks under the Obama administration.

    Spending is through the roof, but we have the Bush administration to thank for that. In the short-run, deficit spending is economically justified in order to resuscitate the economy. Spending must be brought under control in the long run, but if conservatives think that simply cutting taxes is going to (a) get spending under control, or (b) get us out of the recession, then they're just flat wrong.

  2. I agree with Steve M. It's not enough to say we're on the wrong path; you have to tell us what you think the right one is. The tea party participants in my area certainly didn't do that.

  3. Steve- At the Tea Party I attended you didn't hear "Republicans/Good", "Democrats/Bad", "Yes/Bush", "No/Obama". It was more of a general consensus of "stop the madness"! The mess our Federal/State Governments are in wasn't created by one party or one president.

    Jim- I think Tea Party participants did provide at least one an answer to our country's problems--"don't spend money you don't have"! If the Federal government didn't have the debt load it currently carries we could take the hundreds of billions spent each year servicing the debt (in 2008 it was $412 Billion!, the third highest appropriation, only defense and entitlements cost more). That money could have been kept by citizens or spent on our terrible public education system.

  4. "I think that the average American knowns the country is headed down an unsustainable path and something must be done."

    This average American decided America was on the wrong path some 6 years ago when the Bush administration ran up 8 trillion in debt through 2 tax cuts, the largest social program in 40 years, ran two wars and one bank bailout, all funded on the nation's credit card.

    I wonder why the Tea Baggers did nothing until President Obama was elected.

  5. "The straw the broke the camels back" was President Obama. This Tea Partier had less problems with President Bush, because of only one concern. National Security. That is still my main concern. The National Security of our Economy and Borders. President Obama is far different and he tripled our National debt in the past year. Far greater than that 8 trilion dollars. Yet this is what will keep our nation from healing. Lets all keep pointing fingers at past presidents. President Obama is our president and he's not listening. No one is, but that doesn't mean we are going to sit back any longer. Oh and we have solutions, but that is for another post.

  6. People watch the tea party as a person would watch a circus. The rank and file are so small, diverse and even divided given a little space and time will fight among themselves. I've heard some incredible things come from the tea party but nothing worse than what I have heard from religions. The point I guess is these people have always been here and we've normally just got a good laugh. You all know the ones I talk about. Either way I think the Tea Party started with a wonderful purpose I think any American would have gotten behind. Today they have been infested with crazy talkers looking for fame. George Washington was right all along about parties. Read George Washington's
    Farewell Address To the People of the United States