Monday, May 18, 2009

Law Schools Limit Bathroom Breaks During Exams

As ATL reported several days ago, law schools across the country are worried about wide spread cheating on law exams. How is this cheating believed to occur?... In the bathroom during exams. In response to this possible cheating Syracuse University College of Law has begun limiting the number of bathroom breaks a student can take during an exam to just one! The only exceptions to the one bathroom break one exam rule is for students who provide the dean with medical documentation explaining their need to use the bathroom more than once. I think all this rule is going to do for cheating Syracuse law students is they'll now spend more time in the bathroom reviewing outlines during their one break. Fordham University School of Law is considering following Syracuse's lead to prevent bathroom cheaters as well.

Maybe Syracuse and Fordham could take the University of Dayton's approach and put so many security cameras in the school that you'd be afraid to cheat in the bathroom because there might be security cameras watching you in there as well. There's no word yet on whether or not any of these schools plan on charging for restroom use that may be one way to cut back on bathroom use and raise revenue at the same time!!!


  1. That does not surprise me. When I took the Tennessee bar exam, there was a rule that said that only one person from the entire exam room could use the restroom. When you consider that each exam room has 100-200 applicants, that's a daunting challenge. --SJR

  2. This is very interesting. I am tackling a similar issue in the K-12 compulsory education system, regarding permission to use the restroom. Many children are denied every day to use the restroom during class when they truly need to use the restroom. I am advocating for a change in the fundamental ideals that have lead to thinks like faulty restroom policies. Please check out the Restroom Laws Movement on my web site at:

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    Brandon R. Farmer