Monday, June 15, 2009

Legal Brief: The DOMA Brief, W. Scott Simpson, and Mormon Lawyers

There has been a firestorm of comments from around the internet in response to the Defense of Marriage Age Brief (especially because a Mormon lawyer seems to be involved, oh no!). Here are some articles on the subject.
  • Andrew Sullivan publishes a dissent to his original article The Daily Dish
  • "It was (the DOMA brief) breathtakingly bigoted, like something written by a graduate of Jerry Falwell's madrassa, Liberty University. Well guess what? It was written by the Bush Administration, W. Scott Simpson and guess what else? He's a Mormon" the Stranger
  • Obama on DOMA He is keeping his promise Daily Kos

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  1. By the way, the reports of W. Scott Simpson being a George W. Bush appointee and a holdover have already been refuted around the blogosphere. Andrew Sullivan got it wrong. Simpson is a career attorney with the DoJ and apparently has been with the Department since the late 1980's.