Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Legal Briefs: Possible Vegas-Mormon Hate Crime, Online Commenters and More

  • Las Vegas metro police and the FBI are investigating a possible hate crime in east Las Vegas. Someone drew slurs in front of a family's home that included "I hunt Mormons" and another one that indicated there was a bomb in the family's van. KNTV
  • LDS Spokesperson Michael Otterson: "In a democracy, we justifiably set the bar pretty high for freedom of religious expression and conscience. But our societies enact and enforce laws against antisocial behavior or extreme actions that threaten others, without which our communities would collapse. When people choose to cross the line, they face the consequences." Washington Post
  • Utah AG Mark Shurtleff's proposed settlement with FLDS church. Religion Clause
  • Vegas paper gets subpeona to ID online commenters. The subpeona bears the name of U.S. Assistant District Attorney J. Gregory Damm; to which commenters replied that "socialist, fascist Mormon" and "Nazi moron". Associated Press

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