Saturday, June 13, 2009

TIME Magazine on the Mormon Church

Next week's issue of TIME Magazine has a pretty lengthy piece on the LDS Church.  Entitled "The Storm Over the Mormons," the article discusses some of the fallout and criticism surrounding the California Proposition 8 campaign, as well as the mission and structure of the Mormon Church.  The main focus of the article isn't legal, but it does touch on some topics such as religious political activism and the Mormon Church's tax-exempt status.  The article cites at length the experience of Jay Pimentel, a lawyer and bishop in Almeda, California.  Nothing in the article is particularly earth-shaking, but it's a fairly well-written and interesting piece with no major factual innaccuracies, which I can appreciate. The article is available here.


  1. As I have said many times before there is a double standard used against Christians. Can you imagine the outrage if Prop 8 supporters had been "black balling" those who had gone against Prop 8? But since it's a white, Christian, male who is being intimidated and black balled it's Okay.