Friday, July 17, 2009

Legal Briefs: Judge Sotomayor, Big Love trademark violations, and more

  • Four BYU Law profs are among over a thousand signatories of a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the confirmation of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Mormon Times.
  • The University of Utah has issued a cease and desist letter to HBO for violating the university's trademark in a "Big Love" episode. Deseret News.
  • From the Wrong-Way-to-Do-Things Department, a New Zealand man beat his daughter in the head with a piece of cinder block after she refused to go to with him to his Mormon congregation. She won't be going to church with him any time soon -- he received a 12-month sentence for the offense. NZ Herald.
  • The Utah Bar Association is suing an LDS attorney who allegedly preyed on illegal immigrants and stole their money without providing immigration services.
  • Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff reported in a radio interview that child bride marriages have all be halted in the state of Utah.
 Photo credit: talkradionews.

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