Thursday, September 3, 2009

JRCLS Newsletter

Last April the J. Reuben Clark Law Society began to publish a newsletter. There still doesn't seem to be a regular publication schedule, and the August issue seems to have been published in September. But there is a lot more content in this issue than the inaugural issue, which was little more than an list of upcoming events.

I was glad to see the announcement of practice groups within the JRCLS. Groups for law professors, in-house consels have been established, as well as practice groups for IP law, litigation, immigration law, estate planning, and commercial banking/M&A/regulation. More groups are contemplated, so if you would like to see another group or join an existing group, contact Tom Isaacson through the information provided in the newsletter.

The newsletter includes several other interesting topics, including an upcoming reception for female undergraduates and attorneys and biographies of new attorneys hired by the LDS Church. The August JRCLS Newsletter is available here.

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