Friday, September 4, 2009

Where to sit in the library?

It may sound like a simple question but sitting in the right spot in the library can be the difference between having a good study session or just wasting time. Because each spot in the library is different you don't want to sit in the wrong spot. There's the parts of the library that are always hot, there's the areas that are too cold, some areas have terrible lighting, some areas are louder than BYU football games, and some areas are so remote I don't like sitting in them because I feel like I might run across a homeless person who decide to make that quite part of the library their home.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, sitting in the wrong spot in the library is similar to when you're standing in the candy isle trying to decide what candy bar you want. After ten minutes of contemplation you narrow your choice it down between a Snickers and Twix. You decide to go with a Snickers but as soon as you take the first bite you realize you should have gone with a Twix or maybe a Heath Bar. Similarly when you sit in the wrong spot you just know it, don't fight the urge just pack up your stuff and move to the "right spot" so you can get some good studying in.

Above is where I like to sit when I know that I'm going to be getting phone calls. There's a door at the far end of the tables that leads out onto a "cat walk" where you can talk freely. I don't want to be that guy who screams into the phone, "hello? Yeah, I can talk I'm just in the library".

This is what I call the "Penthouse Level" the view is great but I'm too lazy to walk the four flights of stairs to get up to it.

Here's one view from the "Penthouse Floor"

Here's another view from the "Penthouse Floor"

I sit in these cubicles during finals when I don't walk to talk to anyone and I really need to get quality studying time in.

I sat at the far table in the nearby row everyday for 3 semesters. Even though I think this is the best room in the library I don't study in here anymore because it reminds me of long stressful days. It's like when you eat so much of your favorite food that you just don't like it anymore.

So the next time you're thinking about where you should sit in the library or what candy bar to eat make the right decision or else you'll regret it.


  1. It's so true that the place in the library can make a huge difference in the quality of studying. I used to study at home, but my current roommates are loud and social, so that's not too productive at this point. I've taken to studying in the undergraduate library. It's newly renovated with comfortable couches and lots of plugs for laptops. Plus, undergrads don't give off those toxic stress vibes that seem to emanate from law students when they congregate in large numbers. (The undergrad library even during finals is a less stressed-out place than the law library during the most mild part of the semester.)

  2. I knew people in law school who did all their studying at Starbucks for the very reason Keri mentions -- there was too much pressure in the Law Library. It never bothered me, and since I had too many distractions at home, I preferred to do my work there. I also liked that I could claim a study carrel and leave a lot of my stuff there. I even drove to the Law Library to study for the bar after graduation.