2010 Religious Freedom Writing Competition

Religious Freedom Writing Competition

Open to All JRCLS Student Members

Purpose: The purpose of the writing competition is to promote quality research and writ-ing by the student members of the Society on the important topic of religious freedom. The competition is being sponsored by the DC Chapter of the Society and the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.

Awards: First Place— $1,500 cash award plus a $500 travel reimbursement to attend the award dinner in Washington DC in the fall at which award winners will be recognized.
Second Place— $1,000 cash award.
Third Place— $500 cash award.
Honorable Mentions— Additional meritorious papers may be recognized. One or more of the award winning papers will be published online and possibly in print.

Submission: All papers must be submitted by no later than August 1, 2010 by e-mail to papers@jrclsdc.org. You will receive e-mail confirmation of submission. If you do not, please contact Jen at 703-753-4543.

Form: A scholarly paper of at least 2000 words, but not more than 3000 words, typed, thoroughly cited and presented in a publishable format on the topic of religious liberty.

Selection: Awards will be announced the first week of September.

Questions: Questions concerning the writing competition may be directed to papers@jrclsdc.org.