Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LDS Church to Work with Phoenix Temple Opponents

Mormon Church officials announced Monday that they will work with the Phoenix residents opposed to the proposed temple. Phoenix residents gathered more than 16,000 signatures--enough to qualify for a referendum. Once all the signatures are verified the city council will reconsider the temple zoning issue, if the city council upholds its decision to allow the zoning variance the issue will go before voters in the 2011 General election.

Even though some residents are against the temple the LDS Church plans on building the temple.
Opposing this temple is as stupid as when Phoenicians blocked a Donald Trump skyscraper in its Biltmore business district because they thought it was too tall. What a great decision that turned out to be...


  1. Its my sincere hope that the Temple is never built.

  2. Why? I mean, taking the whole "I'm a Mormon, I'm biased" thing out of it, I'm really curious to know why anybody cares. I live in the Boston area, and went to school in boston for 7 years; we've got the Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Scientist) Center, a Scientology regional headquarters, etc. Now, I don't practice these religions and, in the case of Scientology, I find that belief system offensive. But they're just buildings--erasing the building doesn't make the belief system go away, and people have the right to practice whatever religion they want.

    Whatever you think of Mormons, Temples are beautiful buildings--and they bring revenue to the area. I remember when the Boston Temple (which is actually in Belmont) was built, there was this huge uproar--everybody was freaking out about putting Moroni on the spire. Now, years later, those same people have pretty much forgotten that the Temple is even there. It's just one more building in the general landscape; even despite being large, it really just blends right in.