Saturday, January 9, 2010

Legal Briefs: Mormon uprising, Philadelphia Mormon Temple, Rex Rammell

  • Fraud suspect in Mississippi claims he can stop an Obama overthrow plot and Mormon uprising but only if he's freed. 
    • Idaho gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell's (Mormon) call for a private meeting with Mormon elders has drawn national attention. Standard Journal 


    1. The thing is, Rex Rammell (who in my personal opinion gives Mormons a bad name, but if you've caught any of my posts on this subject I'm sure you already know that) isn't getting national attention--despite the fact that articles are being published. Nobody on the East Coast seems to know who he is; everybody I ask is like, "What? Huh?" In fact, I've talked to otherwise well-educated lawyers, who thought Idaho was in the "midwest". So go figure.

      Even friends of mine who theoretically work in politics have no idea who he is. A good girlfriend of mine, who lives in CA and works for, had no idea who he was and only the foggiest idea of where Idaho was. Scary.

    2. How don't people know where Idaho is? It's the home of Blue Turf, Big Potatoes, and Napoleon Dynamite!

    3. I realize this is a rhetorical question, but it's one I feel compelled to answer, anyway: New Englanders are, by and large, ignorant. Oh, they think they're the most enlightened, politically correct, educated people on Earth--but they know what they know, and don't try to tell them different! When I was in law school, it astonished me how many people would wax poetic about what "the country" needed, and how they had all the answers, but they had no desire--and, indeed, felt no obligation--to actually visit the rest of the country. Classmates of mine would tell me what UT was like, and if I--dare I say it--ventured an opinion of my own on that topic--they'd actually DISAGREE WITH ME. Oh, they'd never been there, and when I conducted a map challenge, it turned out most of them couldn't even pinpoint its general geographic region (Boston law students think UT is IN, and then they make fun of the National Geographic geography bee) on a map, but they nevertheless knew everything about it--so much so that, due to their superior knowledge, they felt no need to actually visit it.

      Moreover, as my better half put it last night at Friendly's (yes, we went on a date to Friendly's...insert Mormon joke here) the Mormon Church suffers from a PR problem. Our conversation gave rise to my post today about the Phoenix Temple (or lack thereof) and, as yet, nobody's answered my question: what's the big deal? We have the Christian Scientist world headquarters here in Boston (just like Temple Square only for Christian Scientists), and nobody cares--but "threaten" to build a Temple, and it's all over!