Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expert in 1847 Mexican Immigration Law?

I recently came across a letter to the editor in the Salt Lake Tribune contrasting the Mormons who settled in the Great Salt Lake Valley in the summer of 1847 to the Mexicans illegally living in this country at this time. In July of 1847, when Brigham Young and his band of Mormon pioneers reached what is now Utah they were actually in Mexico. I've read statements by other people that Mormons should not support the enforcement of United States' immigrations laws because they themselves were the first illegal aliens to live in "Utah".

Does anyone know if that is a true statement? Was Brigham Young and the rest of the Mormon settlers illegally living in Mexico? Is anyone out there an expert in what Mexico's immigration laws were in 1847?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Legal Briefs: Philadelphia Temple, Utah Illegal Aliens, Sued for Tithing

  • Utah may offer a better model than Arizona for dealing with illegal immigrants. The Economist
  • LDS Church being sued for tithing paid by suspected fraudster. Deseret News