Thursday, August 18, 2011

Optimism at the Start of Classes

Anticipation, angst, hope, and heat exhaustion: this rare mixture of emotion reigned as I stepped into ASU Law School for the first time a year ago this week. The bus stop was farther from the school than I anticipated, and the air conditioning was a welcome relief from the summer sizzle. The first of three days of orientation was starting, but not one familiar face was found. “It’s hot out there, isn’t it?” said the girl who walked in with me as we took our seats in the lecture hall. Confidence soon replaced nerves and my long-awaited journey was set to begin.

One year after the beginning of my 1L year I am much more comfortable walking into the law school. The heat is still just as oppressive as ever, but the pressure in the classrooms is much more manageable. The first day of classes your 2L year is drastically different than the first day of classes your 1L year. The students no longer have a "deer in the headlights" look, and the professors don't open the class by picking on one student and bombarding him or her with the Socratic Method for an hour. I'm sure my 2L year will be no easy ride, but it certainly looks to be more enjoyable than my first year.

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  1. Yes, I too remember the first day of my second year was much more pleasant than the first day of the first year. And I also remember the first day of my third year to be even more pleasant than the first day of my second year:)