Monday, February 18, 2013

BYU Law School is Hiring

FYI: The Brigham Young University Law School invites applications for a full-time professional faculty member to begin in the Fall Semester of 2013. It is anticipated that the professional faculty member’s primary responsibility would be to teach law students in clinical settings or through classroom simulations several of the following professional skills: alternative methods of dispute resolution, counseling, factual investigation, interviewing, legal drafting, negotiating, organization and management of legal work, and trial and appellate advocacy.  The applicant may also propose skills topics involving but not limited to criminal law, contracts, constitutional law and other substantive law courses.

    Candidates should have a juris doctorate or other law degree. In addition, a successful applicant must have an outstanding background in the practice of law and an intense commitment to teaching and mentoring that will leave no time for significant law practice or consulting.
    BYU, an equal opportunity employer, requires all faculty to observe the university's honor code and dress and grooming standards. Preference is given to qualified candidates who are members in good standing of the sponsoring church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
    The Law School has been creative in developing programs of instruction in professional skills. The programs currently offered by the Law School include a nationally recognized externship program, a program enabling students to pursue pro bono legal service opportunities with attorneys accepting cases serving persons in need, and a robust skills curriculum. In addition to highlighting his or her qualifications to teach in the existing skills programs and curriculum at the Law School, each applicant should write a brief proposal describing the main ways in which he or she would enhance the teaching of skills at the Law School, using the strengths and resources available to the school.  This proposal is an important part of the application and should be thoughtfully developed.
    The professional faculty member would enjoy the same basic privileges as professorial faculty members, including the prospect of continuing faculty status (similar to tenure) and rank advancement, and the right to participate in faculty governance of the Law School. The professional faculty member would be expected to assume regular responsibilities of faculty citizenship, including committee assignments, and to teach from eight to ten credits of professional skills classes each semester, depending on the nature of any administrative responsibilities. The professional faculty member would have no scholarship requirement or expectation, but would be eligible for a summer stipend to conduct research relating to preparing problem exercises and other teaching materials to enhance the effectiveness and quality of the skills curriculum.

Application Process
    Complete an online faculty application at (Law-Professional Skills Faculty position) and attach a cover letter, current curriculum vitae, and the proposal described above with regard to teaching one or more professional skills.  Applications must be submitted by February 9, 2013.

    For further information you may contact Professor David Moore, Chair-Appointments Committee

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