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Since 2008 the Mormon Lawyers’ Blog was hosted on Blogger. However, we are now using Word press for our blog and website platform. We hope this switch will make the blog look and function better. Additionally, we hope to eventually migrate the LDS Legal Link┬ádirectory of LDS attorney into this website. The directory of LDS attorneys is currently in its own free-standing website.

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Mormon Apostle Dallin H. Oaks Speaks Out Against Kim Davis

  • “Elder Oaks makes national news with statement on gay rights, religious liberty” Deseret News
  • “Mormon Leader: Kentucky Clerk Taking Wrong Approach on Gays” ABC News
  • “Mormon apostle Oaks: Kentucky clerk wrong not to issue same-sex marriage licenses”SL Trib
  • “Mormon leader speaks out against Kim Davis, urges balance in religious freedom” Wash. Post


University of South Carolina Law School Adds JRCLS Chapter

It appears that the University of South Carolina’s Law School is bursting at the seams with six LDS law students! Because of this huge influx of LDS law students the school has established a JRCLS Student Chapter.

I’m very excited for the students and hope that this is the beginning of another great student chapter.

BTW, I can’t find the webpage with a list of all JRCLS Student Chapters, anybody know where it is?

Online LLM in Tax

I’ve been kicking around the idea of earning an LLM in taxation. However, I don’t want to leave Phoenix and so I’m researching what law schools offer online LLM’s. So far I’ve only found four schools that offer LLM’s in tax completely online; New York University, Boston University, University of Alabama, and Denver University.

Are there any schools that I’m missing? Any opinions about the value of an LLM in tax? Also, what’s BYU’s deal with not offering any LLM’s to Americans? It could be a real cash-cow for the school.