Pictures of ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Below are some pictures I took of Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Later I’ll post the pictures I took of ASU’s Ross-Blakley Law Library. The law school and library aren’t connected but are separated by 10 feet of cement, see picture below (the law library is on the left hand side of the picture and the law school is on the right). On a side note I hate it when law schools and the law libraries aren’t connected. 

Below is a picture of the law school’s Great Hall.

Legal Briefs: Phoenix Temple, PA Church, Woman Arrested in Church

  • Residents of a Phoenix, Arizona neighborhood will have a meeting to discuss the height of the proposed Mormon Temple. Arizona Republic
  • LDS Church appears clear of legal hurdles to construct a new church in East Hempfield Township. Residents’ appeal was denied by county judge. Lancaster Online
  • Naked woman arrested inside an LDS meetinghouse in West Jordan, Utah. Deseret News

Expert in 1847 Mexican Immigration Law?

I recently came across a letter to the editor in the Salt Lake Tribune contrasting the Mormons who settled in the Great Salt Lake Valley in the summer of 1847 to the Mexicans illegally living in this country at this time. In July of 1847, when Brigham Young and his band of Mormon pioneers reached what is now Utah they were actually in Mexico. I’ve read statements by other people that Mormons should not support the enforcement of United States’ immigrations laws because they themselves were the first illegal aliens to live in “Utah”.

Does anyone know if that is a true statement? Was Brigham Young and the rest of the Mormon settlers illegally living in Mexico? Is anyone out there an expert in what Mexico’s immigration laws were in 1847?

Legal Briefs: Philadelphia Temple, Utah Illegal Aliens, Sued for Tithing

  • After months of dispute Mormon temple to be built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Utah may offer a better model than Arizona for dealing with illegal immigrants. The Economist
  • LDS Church being sued for tithing paid by suspected fraudster. Deseret News

2010 JRCLS Religious Freedom Writing Competition

Religious Freedom Student Writing Competition
Open to all JRCLS Student Members
Purpose:  To promote quality research and writing by the student members of the Society on the important topic of religious freedom.
Form:  Scholarly paper of at least 2000 words, but not more than 3000 words, typed, thoroughly cited and presented in publishable format.  Papers must conform to bluebook requirements and may include footnotes.  Word count refers to text, exclusive of footnotes. 
Submission:  All papers must be submitted no later than August 21, 2010 by e-mail to Please submit papers in pdf or docx formats. You will receive e-mail confirmation of submission.  If you don’t get a confirmation, please call Jennifer at 1-703-753-4543.
First Place: $1,500 cash award plus a $500 travel reimbursement to attend Awards Dinner in Washington DC in October 2010.
Second Place: $1000 cash award
Third Place:  $500 cash award
Honorable Mentions: Additional meritorious papers will be recognized.
Selection:  Awards announced the first week of September 2010.
Questions:  Inquiries may be directed to

LAPD Releases Video of LA Temple Arson Suspect

Yesterday the Los Angeles Police Department released a video of the man who attempted to burn down the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s Los Angeles Temple. The video shows a man with a backpack and thermos attempt to enter a locked door of the temple. Shortly thereafter a “suspicious fire” broke out in the temple’s garden area. Anyone with information is asked to call the Major Crime Division at (213) 486-7260. Let’s find this guy before he kills someone.