Book of Mormon and Court Witnesses

Earlier today while sitting in my evidence class an intriguing question popped into my head, has a witness ever been ‘sworn-in’ by placing their hand on a Book of Mormon instead of the Bible?

I searched reliable websites such as Holy Fetch but I haven’t been able to find anything mentioning such a scenario. Have any of you ever heard of this actually happening?

7 thoughts on “Book of Mormon and Court Witnesses”

  1. No, but I don't see why any Mormon would other than as a politic-religious statement. As you well know Mormons hold the Bible very much in reverence. If anything I would expect a hand placed on a triple combination and not the Book of Mormon alone. Religiously speaking, that would make more sense in a legal oath taking context as they witness together.

  2. Yes, it is good to point out that because we believe in the Bible it can (and is) used for the swearing in of Mormon witnesses.

    Using a 'triple combination' (which contains the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) is an interesting idea. Or maybe they could use a 'Quad' which additionally contains the King James version of the Bible.

  3. Various LDS politicians have taken the oath of office with a "quad", containing Mormon scriptures in addition to the Holy Bible. The presence of a Bible generally isn't considered necessary for the witness oath anyway. Most jurisdictions allow witnesses to "swear or affirm" their willingness to testify truthfully, with or without the Bible. It's one of those de minimus religious references, to use the words of Justice Burger, that are present in a lot of areas of government.

  4. General rule is that Mormon don't swear on any scripture they would afirm, as they are taught not to swear on anything as taught in the bible .

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