Legal Briefs: JRCLS Student Chapter Newsletter, Free LDS Legal Advertising

  • Looking for a way to find more clients in this tough economy? LDS Legal Link continues to be a great resource for LDS attorneys. The website lists LDS lawyers from across the country, including their areas of expertise and where they are admitted to practice. If you haven’t registered with LDS Legal Link yet do it now it’s free.

LDS Lawyers Become Easier to Contact

For the past several months LDS Legal Link has been in a pre-launch phase, creating a data base of LDS lawyers from all over the country. The website has recently gone “live” and is now searchable by the public. LDS Legal Link is already the largest private data base of LDS attorneys on the internet and with more lawyers joining each day there are lawyers to fill just about every niche. Whether looking for an LDS bankruptcy attorney in Poenix, Arizona or a personal injury lawyer in Los, Angeles chances are you’ll find an LDS lawyer to help you with your legal needs. In addition to a broad array of LDS attorneys the different foreign languages they speak is impressive and is a real benefit to their clients that speak foreign languages. Click HERE to begin a search of LDS lawyers.

If you are an LDS lawyer and have not registered yet click HERE to be brought to the LDS Legal Link registration page. It is completely free for LDS attorneys to be listed on the website. In this economic climate what’s better than free legal advertising?

Free Advertising for LDS Lawyers–LDS Legal Link

Most attorneys are continually looking for new ways to find potential clients. For most attorneys this is a frustrating and expensive problem. This is why I think is going to be so popular with LDS attorneys. It is a free advertising service that lists LDS lawyers from all over the country and the areas of law that they specialize in. There is a strong demand for the services of LDS attorneys. I constantly receive emails from people coming to this blog looking for LDS lawyers in their area or in a part of the country that they are moving to. Also, I can see what search words people enter into the search engine that refers them to and everyday there are a handful of people who are looking specifically looking for LDS lawyers in their area. LDS Legal Link is a new company that is currently in its “pre-launch” phase—meaning that it is only adding attorneys to its database at this time. On March 1, 2009 LDS Legal Link’s website will go “live” and it will then be made searchable by the public. If you are an LDS attorney and would like to sign up for this free service click HERE to be taken to LDS Legal Link’s registration page.