How to Study for the LSAT

1. Take the LSAT very seriously. If you think that you can go to Borders, buy a LSAT review book, read it once and be prepared for the LSAT, you most likely aren’t going to score anywhere near where you could or should be. Personally I studied daily for the LSAT for almost an entire year and even took the entire month before the test off so I could study all day. I spent 10 hours a day reveiving old tests and doing different drills to work on my speed. Some of you might say this is overkill or that I must be a slow learner to need to spend that type of time to become proficient at the LSAT. The fact of the matter is my story is not unique, I personally studied with dozens of people who put in just as much time and effort as I did. I’ve even heard of people who take an entire year off after graduate school or undergrad to just study for the LSAT. Those individuals are often studying with a professional company and then have private tutor on the side.

What does any of this have to do with you? It has everything to do with you because this is YOUR competition. It’s fine if you want to read a ‘how to book’ one weekend and then take the LSAT the next but the likelihood of you getting into a good school or receiving a scholarship at any school is diminished.

2. The second suggestion I have for achieving success on the LSAT is to find a company of professionals that can give you expertise and focus. I studied with ACE LSAT and had an amazingly great experience with them. The instructors truly care about your success and have such an enthusiasm for the LSAT that you soon find yourself actually enjoying the test. ACE LSAT currently has three different locations they teach from. One (the original location) is in Provo, Utah, another location is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and their third is in Las Vegas, Nevada. The instructor that I studied with in Salt Lake was unbelievably great and very confidence inspiring. There’s something about being taught how to study for the LSAT by someone who scored a perfect 180 on the LSAT. When he would say “this isn’t that hard, you can get it” it made you think to yourself “yeah, this really isn’t that hard, I can do this.” In addition to having awesome instructors ACE LSAT does a lot of cool things like hooking you up with food and drinks. They even bring Einstein bagels to BYU and the University of Utah on the days the actual LSAT is administered to give you some extra energy and to wish you luck.

Lest, you think that I wrote this post for some ulterior motive, I can promise you that if every person that ever reads this blog signs up to study the LSAT with ACE I won’t receive a single dime. I was just one of many and by no means was I one of the stand out students. ACE LSAT truly is so awesome at what they do that anybody who is studying for the LSAT should take their live classes or buy their DVD’s to prepare for the test. I’d be an ingrate if I didn’t publicly tell them “thanks!”

Law Student Help

Are you a current law student who has found different resources or methods of studying that really work and that you would like to share with others? Have you recently graduated and have insight and experience that would help those who are in law school right now? Did you graduate many years ago but feel like you have wisdom that others would benefit from? Send us your tips, ideas, short cuts, and so on to and we will post them here on the blog. Additionally, we are currently gather class “outlines” that we will post so that current law students can benefit from them.

If you have any ideas of stories that you would like to hear or things you would like to see us do different don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

Top 10 Most Mormon Friendly Law Schools

On August 1, 2008 will be anouncing the top ten friendliest Mormon law schools in the country! Stay tuned to see how your law school or alma mater ranks. We will be taking 5 different elements into consideration. 1. Number of Mormons in the law school. 2. Cost of living. 3. Cost of Tuition. 4. Distance to nearest temple. 5. Prestige of School.

Where do you think your school will rank? Should we rank your school high or low?

Mormon Churches used to aid illegal Mexicans?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is allowing its churches in San Marcos, Calif., to be used for immigration services, including the issuance of matricula cards for immigrants from Mexico who need the ID to function in the United States. Mormon Church spokesman Scott Trotter says the Mexican Consulate asked the church if it could provide temporary location for a “Mobile Consulate” for Mexican citizen services that are legally provided at the consulate in San Diego. “The church sought the input of the U.S. State Department Office in Los Angeles, which confirmed that the request involved legal services provided by the Mexican Consulate. The church then provided the location simply as an act of neighborliness, just as it has for evacuation centers during major fires and in housing the National Guard, or providing temporary relief for flood victims in New Orleans and Iowa,” Trotter said.
Is the Mexican Consulate going to ask the Mormon Church to use its facilities in the future? Will this spread to other states? Is this an isolated incidence of the Mormon Church helping Mexicans stay in the country, or is this the begining of a broader standing?

25 Most Applied to Law Schools by BYU Undergrads

2006-2007 BYU Pre-Law Students

School Name: # That Applied # That Matriculated
1. Brigham Young University 411 101
2. University of Utah 239 25
3. Arizona State University 150 14
4. George Washington Univ. 111 15
5. Univ. Nevada Las Vegas 108 8
6. Georgetown University 98 5
7. Duke University 97 9
8. University of Arizona 97 4
9. George Mason University 95 2
10.University of Michigan 92 6
11.University of Virginia 90 6
12.William and Mary Law 87 2
13. University of Texas 86 5
14. Harvard Law School 85 5
15. UCLA 85 2
16. Columbia 79 3
17. Univ. of Chicago 74 6
18. Stanford Law School 69 2
19. UC- Berkley 68 0
20. University of Oregon 68 2
21. Baylor University 67 2
22. Gonzaga 60 15
23. Notre Dame 58 1
24. University of Idaho 58 5
25. U. of Washington 57 0

BYU, Mormon Law Students Ultra Competitive

PROVO — Brigham Young University students have long been known as the most sober in the country. Now students in two of BYU’s graduate programs have revealed themselves to be the ultra-competitive.
In two new books, the company ranks students in BYU’s law school and graduate business programs No. 1 in the category “Most Competitive Students.”
The Princeton Review rankings hit the streets today with the release of the “Best 170 Law Schools”. The Princeton Review is compiled from surveys of 18,000 law students.
The competitive ranking for the law school book was based on four questions — the average hour of sleep a student gets each night, the hours a student studies outside class, the hours a student believes classmates study outside class and the degree of competitiveness among students at the school.

What is it about Mormon law students that make them so hyper competitive? Does this make for better students and attorneys?

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I hope this blog will be a forum where Mormon lawyers and non Mormon lawyers can come to learn about Law Schools and different events happening in the legal community. If you have any suggestiongs about things that you would like to see on the blog just let me know.