Guns and Beer go Hand in Hand in Arizona

Arizona just passed a law allowing patrons to bring handguns into bars. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill into law this past Monday. The new law requires any bar owners who don’t want their patrons to be drinking and packin’ to post a sign next to their liquor license banning weapons. Otherwise, patrons are free to bring in their pistols.

What? Bar owners don’t want their patrons drinking while carrying concealed weapons? What could they possibly be afraid of? Loud, obnoxious, rude, crude, angry and violent customers with loaded weapons?

Thanks to Claustrophonic for the picture and yes it was taken in Arizona.

3 thoughts on “Guns and Beer go Hand in Hand in Arizona”

  1. Why would you be loud rude and obnoxious if you thought there was a real possibility that the guy you were picking a fight with was packing? You could check out the 2nd Amendment, if you think the Constitution is important, but if not, logic should dictate that an armed society is a polite society. I, for one, feel that people should have the freedom to choose, even if they make stupid decisions. I believe that if you force people to be good, by definition they are not being good, because they have no opportunity to be bad. If there is no chance of failure there is no chance for success either.
    Granted, if you go into a bar, get drunk, and shoot someone for playing the wrong song on the Jukebox, you should expect to spend a long time in jail, and pay a wrongful death judgment. Just because I believe in free choice as to one's actions, I also believe that one must reap what (s)he sows. Your ignorance of the civil rights we should enjoy in this country, and your paternalistic attitude towards things of which you have no understanding is puzzling.

  2. What if someone drinking in a bar was "packing" and due to the alcohol in their system wasn't thinking clearly?

    I whole heartedly support the Constitution and the 2nd amendment though I don't think that the 2nd amendment is without limitations. Should we allow anyone to carry a loaded weapon onto planes?

    I'm not sure why I'm ignorant towards civil rights because I don't think people should drink in public places while carrying loaded weapons.

  3. Arizona isn't the only state to make this change. Here in the South, Tennessee recently passed a similar law. There's been a few challenges, but I think they've been thrown out for the most part.

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