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Last month I noticed a lurking commenter on this site that also commented on one of Jeff Breinholt’s posts over at Mormon Matters. (Jeff is a DoJ attorney with a superb series of legal posts. If you haven’t read his stuff, I highly recommend it.) The commenter identifies himself as Frank Fox, who Jeff named as one of the pro se litigants who has filed multiple spurious lawsuits against the Mormon Church.

I got curious about these cases, and found several opinions dismissing two of Fox’s previous lawsuits. The first lawsuit, Fox v. Hawk, was dismissed sua sponte under F.R.C.P. 12(b)(6). (Cases filed pro se and in pauperis can be reviewed sua sponte under Hall v. Bellmon.) The Utah District Court gave Fox a chance to amend his Complaint, but the Amended Complaint still failed to state a claim and the case was ultimately dismissed on May 9, 2008.

Fox filed another pro se suit on February 27 of this year in the case Fox v. Eyring. Fox identified Henry B. Eyring as the leader of the Mormon Church, and alleged various claims, including that Eyring and the Church had violated his civil rights under 42 U.S.C. §1983 and §1985 and had cyberstalked him. Acting sue sponte, the Utah District Court again found Fox’s claims to be baseless and dismissed  the suit for failure to state a claim.

Not easily deterred, Frank G. Fox filed a new case in his home state of Louisiana a mere week after the dismissal of the Eyring case. In Fox v. Tippetts he again alleges civil rights violations by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fox says that the Church hasn’t yet responded to the lawsuit, and I haven’t seen any of the filings. However, unless Fox’s pleadings have improved significantly since Eyring, this case may be doomed to a swift dismissal as well.

My guess is that almost any large institution or public figure continually face spurious lawsuits. In fact, Jeff Breinholt’s research seems to show that the Mormon Church faces more than it’s fair share of frivolous litigation. But these aren’t the sorts of cases that keep the Church Legal Department up at night.

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  1. Frank, what evidence do you have that the LDS Church is spying on people? Who are they spying on and why?

  2. Thanks for asking. "Howard J Hawk" and Nathan Tippetts are involved.

    Go to the lawsuit at PACER ……Frank G Fox v Howard J Hawk. This explains the technology. "Howard J Hawk" went into my Yahoo email account and erased over 100 emails. He told me this. On the other hand, I have never met this man, nor talked to him or emailed him. I have had no contact whatsoever. Nor do I know anyone who knows him. If this is so, how did he get my email password?

    Frank G Fox

  3. The reason why they are doing this? Because they are afraid and they don't want anyone to know they have this technology. I only figured it out about 6 months ago myself. In effect, they want to know what I am doing and who I am talking to. They are not supposed to have this technology. It is highly classified.

    see John St. Clair Akwei v. NSA

    Do a google search on "Voice to Skull."

    As always, I am willing to take any type of polygraph test.

    Frank G Fox

  4. (Here is my bio. I am listed in Who's Who in America, have 4 published books, and 4 college degrees. More importantly, I have nothing against the Church. I have good friends who are Mormons, very fine people. But I think the Elders are using the Church to make money and they don't want anyone to know about it. I have been sending emails out to newspaper editors and others for over a year regarding this matter. I have complained to the Church. The lawsuits are a last resort. I didn't want to do it, but it is a way to get people to listen and pay attention.)

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    Family: s. Hubert Jackson Fox and Mary Margaret Hebert. Education: BS, McNeese State U., 1980; MS, La. State U., 1982; MS, La. State U., 1985. Certification: Cert. journeyman wireman Political/Religious Affiliations: Democrat Roman Catholic.

    Avocations/Research/Interests: reading, writing, travel E-mail: Memberships: Mem.: ALA, Internat. Brotherhood Elec. Workers, Assn. Ind. Info. Profls., Tex. Libr. Assn., Phi Kappa Phi. Addresses: Home, 421 W San Antonio St, San Marcos, TX, 78666; Office, Tex State U, Alkek Libr, 601 University Dr, San Marcos, TX, 78666.

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  5. Frank, you say that Hawk "told" you he hacked into your account but in the same sentence you say "On the other hand, I have never met this man, nor talked to him or emailed him. I have had no contact whatsoever."

    So, if you have had no communication with him how is it possible that he told you he hacked into your email account?

  6. If anyone wants to know more about the Church/Mob connection, email me at

    Evidently, whoever runs this website and "Post a Comment" is afraid to post it, because I have tried twice to put post this information.


    Frank G Fox

  7. There is an ongoing investigation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC Case #08/735). The FPPC is looking into both the Church’s lack of reporting its non-monetary contributions to Prop 8, and also whether NOM was, in fact, established as a front group by the Salt Lake City based Mormon Church. The Mormon Church has used this tactic in several states beginning in Hawaii in 1996.

  8. "The Mormon Church has used this tactic in several states beginning in Hawaii in 1996."

    It is the pattern that is important. I have proof that the Church is constantly laundering money ……. for the Mob.

    Frank G Fox

  9. I also have two voice recordings. These are very faint, but exist nevertheless.

    Also, I can prove that the Church has Iridium satellite access.

    And there is my good word. I am willing to take a lie detector test any place and any time and if I fail, on any question, I will withdraw the lawsuit.

    Frank G Fox

  10. Frank, I'm not going to post your second to last comment unless you modify it. You can still make a your argument without 'naming names' or revealing personal information. Also, there are many ways in which someone could have got into your email account without using top secret technology.

  11. This is my last comment on the matter, because this ia a lawsuit and I don't want to give away everything I know…… but I used to be an electrician, so I began to think of ways I can physically prove the existence of this satellite signal. So, I bought a "Ghost meter." You can find then at ebay. What I discovered is that I have a constant EMF on my body, that of .5 milliwatts, when I should not have anything, as the meter is adjusted to compensate for the body's natural EMF field.

    I have names and other proof, that normally, would be impossible to know without this techology existing and being utilized.

    Email me if you want.

  12. Yes, I know. But I plan to subpoena my Yahoo email account, and that will tell me who, or at least that someone besides myself is utilizing my email.


  13. Thanks for allowing my posts. If anyone is interested they can view Document 19 (Motion in response to Document 18) at PACER

    Fox v Tippetts.


    Frank G Fox

  14. The LDS Church keeps a file on every one of it's critics and detractors. It also encourages members to discriminate against these people.

    When this comes out in the wash, I want to be in on the class action lawsuit against the LDS Church for conspiracy to take away my constitutional rights.

  15. Armand,

    Where is your proof that the LDS Church keeps files on its critics? What specific instances can you point to that show Church leaders encouraging its members to discriminate against its critics? What Constitutional right is the LDS Church trying to take from you?

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