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Biggest Surprises of the 2011 Top Ten List

A few things jumped out at me after I reviewed the data from this year’s top ten list.

First, is the skyrocketing costs of law school.  For example, consider the University of Arizona School of Law. Out of state tuition is $41,051, plus $11,840 in living expenses for a total one year cost of $63,101! That’s mind blowing! $63K a year, for a single person to live in Tucson and attend a public school.

Another thing that stood out to me is the number of LDS students at Virginia and Phoenix. Currently, the University of Virginia Law currently has 60 LDS students and the Phoenix School of Law with 90.
Very impressive, way to go.

Lastly, I’m always underwhelmed with the University of Colorado Law School, which as far as I could tell has no LDS students. From the outside, Colorado Law would appear to be a strong hold for LDS students.It lies just east of the “Mormon Belt”, it is highly ranked, and reasonably priced.
But then again why settle for the world’s second best snow?